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How’s Your Prayer Life?

Matthew 21:22

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.

I would like to start a discussion about our prayer life. I believe that for a person or for a church to be healthy they need a solid view of prayer and a solid prayer life.  In January we will share in a 21-day fast starting January 11th.  We will have three 24-hour prayer vigils during the fast.  We will be asking people to sign up for parts of the days we do the 24-hour prayer vigil.  We will come up with things to pray about during the fast and the prayer vigils.  More details coming soon.

So, to start the discussion, I want to ask some questions.

What is your view of prayer? What is it for? What is the reason we do it?

Where do you pray? Is it important where you pray?

How often do you pray? Is your frequency important?

What do you expect to get from prayer? Do you have an agenda or a product you are after in prayer?

What is God’s part in prayer? Is God an active participant in prayer?

These are just some questions to start our thinking and our discussion. I will try to respond from time to time to the comments made on the blog. You may tackle all of the questions or one of the questions as the Lord lays thoughts on your mind today or in the days to come.

Thanks for participating in this open discussion.

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