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Vision and Mission at Mt. Oak Fellowship – Part 4

Today we continue to share some thoughts on the need for a vision – a focus.  Where there is no vision, the people perish: Proverbs 29:18 – KJV. As humans – most of us need direction – focus.  Most cannot wander aimlessly through life.

A church family is no different.  If we aimlessly meet – week after week – without vision – we will find ourselves – twenty years later – in the same place.  We need focus – we need vision – we need a direction.

For this reason – the leadership at Mt. Oak – prayerfully discerned a direction – a vision for our church family.  We looked around us – in the community around our physical location – and discerned that there was a problem we felt called of God to address.  Something was amiss – something that the church could not sit by and watch without taking some action.

The Problem – as we see it: Families are under attack.  We mentioned this on Monday.

The Solution to the Problem – as we see it – is to reach the whole family for Christ.  Jesus is the answer to all our problems.

The Mission of our church – the basic plan to carry out our vision can be simply said this way: bring in, build up, send out.

Yesterday I shared some on bring in.  Today I want to share some on build up.  Build up – more clearly defined as building people up in their knowledge and understanding of Christ.  Many churches try to teach people about the Bible.  Discipleship is more than merely learning about the Bible – about Jesus.  Becoming a disciple – a follower – of Christ is more than mere head knowledge.  Our task as a church – if we believe that Jesus is the answer to the problem – is to engage people in a study and a practice of the Word of God.  Knowing the Word of God is important – knowing how to live in it – to have an understanding of its power – is essential.

Our goal is to not only teach the Bible – in classes, in groups, in worship – but to also develop a daily walk with Jesus that allows us to put our knowledge into practice.  Small groups – discipleship groups and classes – are part of our build up approach.  Developing fellowship opportunities for the God’s family to grow in knowledge and understanding – to heal and be strengthened – to feel connected – is part of build up.  We pray you will join a group today – and help your church think of ways to creatively train up people and teach them the Word of God!

Just something to think about today as you go on your way.

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