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My Favorite Super Hero

John 1:14a

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

RevRaysupermanI grew up watching Superman.  I even pretended being Superman by placing a towel around my neck and jumping off my bunk bed and flying (till I hit the floor with a thud).  The thing that made Superman so special to me was that he wasn’t from this planet.  He was from another planet.  He was different – not the same old same old!

Superman had exceptional powers.  His powers came from our yellow sun (there wasn’t a yellow sun where he lived).  He could fly (see the aforementioned leap from the bunk bed) – he was faster than a speeding bullet – he could leap tall buildings with a single bound – he was more powerful than a locomotive – he had x-ray vision – he was bullet proof.  All things that endeared him to a young and impressionable child.  Whenever my friends played pretend – I would always be Superman because nothing could harm him (except kryptonite – which none of my friends had).  Whenever we had pretend battles between super heroes or super villains – Superman always won.  My brother liked Batman by the way.

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The True Measure of a Person

Philippians 1:21

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

RevRayThe true measure of a person – what could it be?  At times we measure ourselves by numbers.  I hit 58 recently – and this summer my bride and I will celebrate 33 years of marriage the Lord willing (she is a saint).  My babies are 30 and soon to be 25 (two of them).  I’m told I should join the Biggest Losers (by former friends and family members who I just wrote out of my will).  This fall I will hit 37 years since my call into ministry.  I shot an 81 the other day for 18 holes and wasn’t satisfied with the way I struck the ball.  We had our 1st grandchild 4 months ago.  My car is now 12 years old (the one I bought to replace the one that died in the accident with the tractor-trailer) – my wife’s is 14 years old (I’m trying to convince her to get a newer one).  My father died this fall at the young age of 84.  My mom will hit 85 in April – the Lord willing.  My retirement investments still haven’t fully recovered from the market drop several years ago but I keep hoping they will rebound fully and even climb higher.  Numbers play a big part in our lives.

Numbers tell the tale – at times – of our lives.  What we make – what we have saved – how many children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren tells the tale of our family tree going forward.  Sports are filled with statistics and numbers play an important role for sure.  Some people measure their lives by numbers.  Some count how many cars and what they cost as a measure of their lives.  Some the cost of their homes and even for others their summer homes.  Some count the number of vacations they take and where they go.  Some consider the size of their church or the size of their business.

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