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True Worship Involves Kneeling Before God

Psalm 95:6

Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;

RevRayTim Tebow has signed with the New England Patriots.  I saw him in uniform recently at their minicamp.  I will be conflicted this year rooting for Tim but not for the Patriots.  Next to the Steelers (big rival for my Ravens) – the Patriots are my least favorite team in the NFL.

tebowingTim is a great athlete – and a very strong Christian.  He made tebowing famous (see the picture).  During a game – whether he had made a good play or it was just a tense time in the game – he would kneel and pray.  Being a very public figure – this began to gain a lot of recognition.  It wasn’t always good attention.  Critics of Tim or of God/Christ came out of the wood work to take shots at him.

Today – as I attend a worship seminar – I would love for us to focus on worship.  Kneeling is often if not always related to worship.  People kneel before God – they kneel before a king – they kneel before a superior foe.  Daniel got in trouble for kneeling before God rather than before the statue of the king.  Kneeling represents submission – it represents humility – it represents awe and wonder.

When we come to cooperate worship each week – do we have a heart of kneeling before God?  Is it out of awe that we come before God – ready to humble ourselves and submit to God’s reign in our lives?

The Psalmist wrote – come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker – and I wonder how many who gather on a typical Sunday morning for cooperate worship have this attitude?  Many churches have altar rails – a place that traditionally was a place of kneeling – of prayer – of humility – but rarely – it seems – do people come forward to kneel before God (in some churches the altar is used a lot).  Does peer pressure keep you from going to the altar?  Are we ashamed to kneel before God?  Do we somehow think kneeling before God makes us weak?  Do we somehow think that kneeling before God is a private thing – only to be done in the heart or in a private setting?  Do we use the excuse that our church doesn’t have altar calls anymore so there isn’t an opportunity to go to the altar? (As if someone would run you out of the church if you came forward to kneel before God during the service.)

I wonder how many children would be touched by their father going to the altar and kneeling before God this Father’s Day?  I wonder what impact it would have on our wives if they saw their husbands kneeling before God and even crying out to Him?  If your church doesn’t have an altar rail – go to a place in the Sanctuary (even if that is a gym or storefront) and kneel before God and let others see your willingness to kneel before God.  Now – don’t do this if it is only for show!!  Only kneel if you are willing to kneel before God and worship Him with all that you have and all that you are!  God will know the difference – and guess what – your spouse and children will probably know too (because they live with you every day). True worship involves kneeling before God!

Just something to think about today as you go on your way.

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