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Retired Bishop Talbert Performs Same-Sex Marriage

profileI posted the following on my Facebook page and to date there have been 119 comments.  I’m not sure how I can share all of the comments on my blog.  I’ll work on it.  But here is the post that drew 119 comments as of Sunday night.


Retired Bishop Talbert is planning to break church law and God’s law (IMHO). I’m glad other Bishops are taking a stand for the Bible and the Discipline! Instead of trying to destroy the UMC maybe retired Bishop Talbert should leave and begin his own denomination. Apparently there are some who would join him. Maybe it is time to consider an amicable division of properties and allow those who believe as retired Bishop Talbert does to leave with grace and allow each group to focus on other ministry needs around the world. WE WILL NOT AGREE ON THIS SUBJECT – we will not call sin (any sin) acceptable and they will not call the practice of homosexuality sin. There is no ground to meet on sisters and brothers! Allow each church to majority vote which way their church will go and whatever the percentage ends up being in each conference – divide the material things and lets get on with feeding the hungry – drawing people to Jesus – working to stop sex trafficking – putting a stop to child abuse and more. Instead of dealing with these we spend time and money (for 40 years now) debating an issue WHERE THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND – it is sin or it is not – and the two sides will not meet in the middle – there is no middle. I’m tired – as an evangelical UM pastor – of losing good members to other churches where this debate is not raging. OK – I’m finished.

Good News Magazine Article


Since this article was posted it is reported that retired Bishop Talbert did in fact perform the same-sex marriage – which breaks God’s law found in the Bible and Church law found in the Book of Discipline.  More on that later.

Try this link for all of the comments – https://www.facebook.com/ramonmcdonald.  you may have to friend me first!

So what do you think readers?


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