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Strength for the Weary

Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

profileOne of my daughters is really into working out and keeping her body in top shape.  She needs to do so for her job, but besides that she is into being very healthy.  She sticks to a strict diet and goes to the gym almost daily.  She is into cross-training now and loves it.  She has great control over her physical desires when it comes to her physical body.  I want that!

I have half-heartedly tried to lose weight for years now.  I blame my weight on three things – 1) the medication I take to combat Tourette Syndrome – 2) age/genetics – and 3) a lack of will power.  I can’t change number one (although I continue to pray for God to heal me).  Number two is an excuse because many people pushing 60 are in much better shape (and my daughter has half of my genetics and she is in top shape).  So the one I can really do something about is number three – my will power.

I have great will power in some areas of my life and less in other areas.  I imagine I am the only one who has a split personality with their will power.  I mean – I have great control over many areas of my life – but not over my eating.

As I begin my fast – and I decided to start a day early (October 31st rather than November 1st) – my goal is not to lose weight (although that should be a lovely side effect).  My goal in this November fast is to gain spiritual control over an area of my physical life that has had control over me for far too long.

I know that I cannot do it alone.  I have tried every diet you can imagine and they all work until I go off of them.  I’m after a life-change.  I’m after a spiritual victory.  And in order to get that victory – I will need God to give strength to this weary man and increase my power in my weakness.  Isaiah 40:29 – He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

If you would like to join me – find that area of your life where you lack spiritual control.  It may not be with your eating.  A friend of mine said they would join me in my fast and I would welcome many joining me – but don’t do what I am doing – because my fast will be designed to give me spiritual victory over areas in my life where I lack control.  Unless you line up with my areas – the fast will not be a help to you.  Design your fast to give you spiritual victory over physical desires in your life where the desires have control right now or more control than you would like.

My first week during the fast – October 31s through November 7th I will be fasting from snacks and candies (sweets).  I picked these items because there is so much candy out there during this season.  I picked this area because eating between meals – especially with snack foods that are high in calorie and low in nutrients – is a weakness of mine.  In battling my hunger cravings I will do two things – 1) I will pray when I am hungry and 2) I will have a bag of baby carrots nearby to have something to munch on.

My prayer as I begin this fast is Lord – give this weary soul the strength to succeed.  Increase my will power to stay away from the things that have controlled me for years.  I would appreciate your prayers during my fast as well.  Liking this post will indicate to me that you are praying for me this month or rate it on my blog page.  My blog posts are followed by over 450 people each day.  How many of you will be praying for me this month?

Just something to think about today as you go on your way.

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  1. You can do this!!


    Comment by Em | November 1, 2013 | Reply

  2. When I lost 50 pounds 6 years ago (and am successfully keeping it off) I clung to Phil 4:13, plus followed the Weight Watchers plan. It worked. I kept thinking, my body is a gift from God, I’ve got to be a good steward of it. Still do.


    Comment by Favorite Son | November 1, 2013 | Reply

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