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Too Often I Have Been the Fool

Proverbs 12:15

The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.

profileI’m 58 and pretty much enjoying life.  I arose this morning at 5 am and felt refreshed and ready for the day.  No new aches or pains – just the ones I’ve been dealing with for a few years now.  Yesterday I walked the 5K course we have set for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day at First UMC in Laurel – to support LARS (the Laurel Advocacy & Referral Service) and have recovered nicely from it thank you (lol).  My three daughters have grown into lovely women who love God and their parents (I know how rare that is for sure).  My wife of 33 years is more beautiful today (inside and out) than the day I first met her (talk about rare).  I know I don’t deserve her of them (daughters) or much of what I enjoy today.  I could go on and on – but you don’t read these devotional thoughts for me to talk about my family – or do you?

Life is pretty good at 58 – with a few exceptions.  Don’t we all have exceptions?  I repeated the old cliché just the other day – if I could return to my youth again with the knowledge I have now – things would be different.  Today’s proverb fits me so well – doesn’t it you?  I have played the part of the fool too many times to count – thinking my way was the best way and at times the only way.  I’ve had wise counsel only to pick my way a time or two – haven’t you?

There was that time I lost out on a cherry car because I wasn’t willing to wait for it.  If I had only listened to my dad – things could have been different.  There were so many times I went on my thinking rather than taking the advice of others wiser than I.  If only I had listened to this proverb.  If I could only go back and listen more!  There are some things in my life I would change.

Proverbs 12:15 – The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.   But what about now.  I can’t go back and change the past – but what about today?  I should still seek wise counsel and listen to it more.  I am not so old or wise that I know all things well.  How about you?

Parents often try to give their children advice – often – like my dad’s advice about that cherry car – their advice falls on deaf ears.  We play the part of the fool thinking we know best (as children).  Parents often try to help their children avoid some of the foolish moments they faced – but at times our children must learn the hard way – as we often did.  Oh if we could only avoid some of those foolish moments.

So – as a parent – I will try to lovingly pass along advice to my children and grandchildren – remembering that I too played the role of fool a few too many times.  I will also seek persons in my life for advice – because at 58 I can still play the part of fool all too well.  So whether it is giving or getting advice – I will try to listen more and seek counsel more – and maybe – just maybe – I will be less the fool and have less regrets when I reach 60 or 70 or whatever – as the Lord allows.  Here’s a bit of advice from me to you and to me too.  A lot of wisdom can be found in the Bible!  As we become a student of the Word of God and listen to what we read we will become wiser for sure!

Just something to think about today as you go on your way.


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  1. In the British TV series, Call the Midwife, there is a touching episode where a couple, who is white, are expecting a baby. Only, when the midwife and a nun deliver the baby boy,his skin and features are black African. The midwife doesn’t know what will happen when the father is allowed to see “his” baby. Only, the father, in a moment of wisdom, compassion, and grace, reacts not to the color of baby’s skin, but to the gift of a son to the two of them. Not a word is said about the baby being black, only that baby is loved and treasured. One of the nuns tells the midwife, “That man chose to be God’s fool, showing grace instead of condemnation.” What a wise man!


    Comment by Favorite Son | November 22, 2013 | Reply

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