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Being Responsible for Me

Galatians 6:5

…for each one should carry his own load.

profileHappy New Year dear readers!  Short and sweet today I promise.  First – I hope this New Year finds you and yours well and serving the Lord.  Second – I pray that our culture will learn to take responsibility for their selves – for their actions.

It would be easy for me to describe some of the families that have come to our church for help in my first six months and ask the question – when will they become responsible for themselves instead of expecting the church and government to provide for them?  At times I just go to my office and SMH (shake my head).  But I’m not going to spend time there!

Instead I’m going to ask the tougher question as the New Year opens.  When will we become more accountable – responsible – for ourselves?  Just look at your list of New Year’s resolutions if you make them or think of things you would like to improve in yourself.  Who is responsible?  In each case – the answer might be me (as we each look in the mirror).

Gluttony is a sin.  It is one of my sins.  It might be yours.  I could blame my metabolism.  I could blame my physical DNA.  I could try to force feed (lol) myself expensive pre-packaged diet foods and lose some weight – but – am I relying on the food program or am I really making changes?

I will deal with my demons – are you dealing with yours?  I have other sins – sins that I need to address and take responsibility for myself and not blame others or count on others to fix in me.  Let’s make a New Year’s resolution together.  Here it is – very simple – I will be responsible for me.  Wrapped up in that is not only taking responsibility but an honest attempt at making ourselves all that we can be in Christ Jesus!  Who is with me?

Just something to think about today as you go on your way.


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