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Philippians 2:21

21 For everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.

profileNot sure how many of our readers missed my devotional thoughts – but I must confess I missed writing and sharing them – I really did.  I only had a few days off – but those few days really helped to revitalize my thinking.  I feel refreshed and eager to tackle this task again.  I spent the weekend with my family in New Jersey/New York and did some soul searching as I relaxed and I really feel rejuvenated.  I slept well (and napped too) and had a great time with my wife – children – and grandchildren.  I hope these thoughts today and each day make sense to our readers.  Thanks to those who let me know that you missed our devotional thoughts and were praying for us.  I felt like I was slacking the last week of posts – writer’s block is what I called it.  The daily devotional thoughts were hard to churn out.  They usually flow pretty easily.  We’ll see how it goes!

Here are a few thoughts that came to me Monday morning during my devotional time – my time before God.  I tweeted both of these thoughts on Monday – so for some of you they will not be new thoughts – but I will try to add a little to them.  You can follow me on Twitter if you’d like at https://twitter.com/RayMcDonald.

Thought #1. Think on this.  Jesus left heaven. Lived on earth. He died on the cross. He rose again. All for YOU! Don’t get lost in the crowd.  Too often some of us fall into the trap of thinking that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world – which He did – and that our sins can be thrown into the total and shouldn’t add too much burden to His load!  That might not be how we express it – but the thought is there – at least I think some of us fall into that place.  We feel lumped into the whole too often instead of thinking about Jesus coming to earth and dying for us as an individual.

Our relationship with Jesus needs to be personal – one on one.  We collect together to worship Him on Sundays – and come together to study or support one another at other times – and we should – but – our real relationship with Jesus should be one on one.  If our time before God is only our time at church – lumped into the whole – we are neglecting our relationship with Jesus IMHO.

When people come to our church and hear about a personal relationship with Jesus and say that is the first time they have ever heard that phrase or teaching – I cry inside and outwardly at times as well.  What are churches – pastors – and Bible teachers teaching our people?  Our one on one time should be the majority of our time before God!  Just saying!

Thought #2. Spend more time with God and family and less time at work assuming you are putting in too many hours now. You will be more productive!   As a recovering workaholic I must say that more time doesn’t equal better time or even more work.  It has taken me a lifetime to realize that more time with God – more time with family – and more time relaxing make me a better more efficient worker for Jesus (again – assuming we are working too many hours).  I use to work 70-80 hour weeks on a regular basis – and I believe I am a better pastor working 50-55 hours now than when I worked the 70-80 work weeks.  Of course I cannot test my theory because there are so many variables now – like the congregation I am now serving – my age – experience – and maturity – but I feel like I work better now with less hours than I did before.

This thought is mainly for pastors but we all might pick out a glimmer of thought for us today.  Working longer and harder doesn’t mean working smarter or better.  I also think that being less Type A (recovering workaholic usually goes along with being a recovering Type A as well) has helped.  I use to be a pistol to work with or for in years gone by (so you thought I was tough now – lol).

Today’s passage reminds us to seek after Jesus rather than our way!  Philippians 2:21 – For everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.  We need to spend more time with God – one on one – and seeking His face and desiring His grace.

Just something to think about today as you go on your way!

P.S. Maybe I should not write anymore blog posts.  Yesterday I had one of my better read days on the blog. LOL


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