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1 Peter 2:2

Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation,

20140530-104833-38913743.jpgJunk Food is not good for us!  There – I said it!  Junk food is simply that – junk – and I have been trying to stay away from it.  Yet it usually tastes so good – or at least we think so.  What is your favorite junk food?  I love most anything with chocolate and peanuts or peanut butter.  At Easter I am a sucker for peanut butter covered chocolate eggs.  Junk food is usually sweet – or salty and flavored like barbecue potato chips.  If you’re really lucky with your junk food you can get something that is sweet & salty!

But I digress.  I’m also craving something sweet or salty – right now!

Junk food usually satisfies for the moment but not for the long-term.  It usually has lots of empty calories and is not ultimately good for you. Why are we drawn to it – because it soothes for the moment – but it is not good for us? Continue reading

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