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Improving Our Marriages!

Mark 10:8

and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one.

IMG_0301We have all heard of the honeymoon syndrome I am sure.  Maybe we have heard it this way – the honeymoon is over. I hear that phrase about a year after I arrive at a church.  It means it is time for reality to set in!

The honeymoon is a period of time – not merely the trip taken after the wedding or the first few weeks – months – or years after the wedding – when the marriage or relationship seems almost dream like.  Both parties are on their best behavior – they are feeling each other out – they are trying to do their best in order to make everything perfect.  It is a fairly easy time – with little conflict – because both parties are overlooking the issues or conflicts because they want the marriage or relationship to work – to be perfect – to be dream like.  Oh that the honeymoon could last forever!  I know a few pastors and churches that are in the honeymoon period right now as they were married on July 1, 2015.

wedding_ringsWhen the honeymoon is over – all bets are off – reality sets in – you realize that your partner – your pastor – your congregation – is not perfect (even if you had an inkling beforehand).  It is after the honeymoon that real work must be done (if it hadn’t already begun before the marriage or during the honeymoon even).  Beforehand – during the honeymoon – you would spring out of bed to brush your teeth and comb your hair before greeting your spouse in the morning.  You would go out of your way to help and support your spouse.  After the honeymoon – some just don’t seem to care anymore – and trouble arrives – tired of pretending the real self emerges.

I’m not suggesting that we be fake in our marriages or relationships – but – it does take work for a marriage or relationship to work.  In a Focus on the Family article titled Feelings of Doubt and Uncertainty – the author deals with some of the doubts after the honeymoon.  It is well worth our reading.  A byline of this article says – the adjustment from being single to being married can create feelings of loss and anxiety.

Marriage is not easy – it is not for the faint of heart.  It is hard work.  It takes mutual give and take – sacrifice – reality checks – commitment – grace and forgiveness.

Every church should have as part of their vision or mission to reach the whole family for Christ.  We should be helping our families deal with the day to day task of being faithful to God and to one another in marriage and life.  We will begin a second sermon series this Sunday – this year alone – on marriage – titled Marriage – Part 2.   We want to help our church’s marriages – help our parents – our teens – our singles – our seniors – in their life journeys.  Stay tuned in for more and more ways to help the whole family.

Just something to think about today as we go on our way.


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