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Who Do We Trust – Completely?

Jeremiah 17:7

“But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”

112015 Ray McDonaldAs I was growing up – I could always rely on and trust my father.  I had the best (I’m biased) father any son could ever desire.  I could always talk to him – it didn’t matter what the subject.  He taught me how to hunt and to do other manly things.  He was a very busy man but when he had or made the time – he was all mine and I grew to trust his wisdom over the years.

As I grew and answered the call into ministry – I often went to him with my problems and with my joys.  He was a great sounding board – he often had been through what I was facing and had great advice to share.  We loved sharing Christmas Eve Communion together in ministry and that will be hard for me this year – as it has been for the last three years now.

I miss my dad.  I would imagine if you had a similar history with your mom and/or dad and you don’t have them with you anymore you miss them too.  Christmas – for many – is a time of family and when a part of the family is missing – it hurts!

I would also imagine if you placed your trust in someone through marriage or a friendship and they are no longer there anymore you miss them as well.  I would also imagine that some of our readers have placed their trust in someone and had them break that trust.  That hurts as well.  Trusting someone is not easy and when we do and that trust is lost or broken it can be very painful.

Losing someone you trust – whether through death or a broken trust – is painful as I’ve written.  There are no mystical or magical words to heal the hurt.  What I can suggest is that we make sure that – along with the humans we trust – we place our trust in the One who will never fail us or leave us.  If we do that we will always have someone to trust even when others leave us.  “But blessed is the person who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.”

Some people will fail us or leave us in one way or the other in our lives.  But Jesus will always be there for us!  That is His promise – not mine!

Just something to think about today as you go on your way.


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