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Life Is Ever-Changing – But God Remains Constant

Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

112015 Ray McDonaldLife is ever-changing. I have played basketball all my life but the last 5 years or so the knees have been acting up. I went back to playing after losing some weight and getting cortisone shot into my one knee – but even still they acted up. I’ve taken a few weeks off from basketball and they are actually feeling pretty good. A few years ago my doctor told me to stop playing. Maybe he knew what he was talking about? Go figure! Life is ever-changing.

Life is ever-changing. My children now have children! My babies have babies. Two of my babies live out-of-state! Other than a few months in West Virginia – I have lived my whole life in Maryland! Life is ever-changing.

Life is ever-changing. I have never seen a political scene like the one we have this year. One candidate is under FBI investigation. Another candidate is a self-proclaimed socialist. Another spouts hatred and insults while using foul language. Some have very little charisma – while others are so self-centered I wonder if they could think outside themselves to care about our country. Life is ever-changing. Continue reading

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