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Do We Heed The Words Of Jesus?

Matthew 26:75

Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken: Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times. And he went outside and wept bitterly.

112015 Ray McDonaldHow quickly do we notice when someone wrongs us? How quick are we to point out someone’s sin or someone’s error? How quickly do we seek for things to be made right when we are harmed?

I grew up with rules and regulations. I was a jock – so I played many sports and sports have rules and regulations. There are lines on the court or field to keep us in bounds. There are rules that establish when we have done something wrong and there are prescribed penalties for when we break the rules. There are even umpires – people to arbitrate the rules and be judges.

I grew up with rules and regulations. I am a PK (Preacher’s Kid) so I was a child of the church. There are rules and regulations for children in church – especially for the pastor’s kids. There were places we could play ball and there were places we couldn’t. There were age rules on groups (my friends got into youth group before I could attend) and there were other rules and regulations as well. Continue reading

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