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Attitude: It Can Hinder Us

Hebrews 12:1a

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.

RayMcDAll week I have written about attitude. One of my favorite sayings – which I have used a couple of times this week – is this – Christianity boils down to attitude. I often add to that saying – the position and condition of one’s heart.

On Monday I wrote – Attitude: In General. In this post we wrote about Christ being after the heart. If God has our heart – our actions will follow. We wrote about how important a good and godly attitude can be – in general. We listed several Scriptures dealing with the heart – the attitude.

On Tuesday I wrote – Attitude: In Worship. In this post we wrote about the need to focus on God in worship – because worship is not for us or about us. Let me repeat that – worship is not for us. Too often we want worship to suit us rather than to be designed to draw others to Christ. For those of us in Christ – we should do all we can in worship to draw others to Christ.

On Wednesday I wrote – Attitude: Leadership. Attitude can play a big role in the life of the church – especially in the lives of leaders. When new believers or attenders see leaders with a bad attitude – it tarnishes the church and even Christ. We must be in control of our tempers and our attitudes – especially as leaders of the church.

On Thursday I wrote – Attitude: What Would Jesus Do. We need to deny ourselves and follow Jesus. We need to control – by God’s grace – the natural self and instead strive to allow the spiritual self – that which follows after Christ – to respond. Striving to respond in all circumstances as Christ would respond is not easy – but if we aim at nothing – we’re bound to hit it. We must strive to have the same attitude as Christ.

Today – as I sum up the week’s teachings on Attitude: It Can Hinder Us. I want to remind us that in all areas of our Christian lives – a bad attitude can hinder our witness. Attitude often is the one area where our witness is damaged the most. We can do all the right things – but with a bad attitude – often our efforts can be lost.

In today’s passage we are encouraged to throw off everything that hinders us – hinders our witness. If our attitude is one of the things that hinders us – hinders our witness – we should strive to shed a bad attitude and instead develop an attitude like Christ.

Today’s passage says – let us throw off everything that hinders. Much in our lives can hinder us – but few things can hinder us as much as a bad attitude. Losing our temper – seeing things negatively (all the time or much of the time or first) – having a bad attitude can be seen as so hypocritical but others it can damage our witness beyond repair at times. Seek after the attitude of Christ – the mindset of Christ – the heart of Christ.

Just something for us to think about today as we go on our way.


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