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At Just The Right Time Again

Romans 5:6

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.

At just the right time again! I can’t wait till my shoulder heals so I can begin to work on my golf swing again. I’m convinced I can play better than I have been playing (before my surgery). Golf is hard – but not as hard as I’ve been making it the last few years (with my shoulder injury). I’ve gone from stiff shafts to regular shafts. What I’m finding out – and I knew this before but was too pig-headed to accept – is in a golf swing – it is not about power – but it is all about timing – hitting the ball at just the right time.

At just the right time! Have you ever been in the right place at just the right time? Like the time you crossed paths with someone you hadn’t seen in years at Sam’s Club or the Mall? Like the time you narrowly escaped an accident because you stopped your vehicle at just the right time? Like the time you were the last person in line to register for a class that was filled up after you registered. At times – it simply works out or doesn’t work out – barely – at just the right time. Continue reading


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