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Renew Our Strength

Isaiah 40:31

…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.

This is vacation season for many people. My social media feeds are filled with people heading to the mountains or to the beach or out of town to a vacation destination somewhere. Often people see vacation time as a time to renew their strength – to relax and not be controlled by the day-to-day work schedule. It often allows for more family time than a typical workweek as well. What do we do to relax? What do we do to renew our strength?

An interesting discussion might include these questions and more. What do we do to relax or t be rejuvenated? Time off from work is not always relaxing as many people say they need a vacation to recuperate from their vacation. What relaxes us? What renews our strength?

I’m relaxed when I play golf or cut my grass. These times also renew my strength to face the difficulties of the day. These are times away from the troubles and drama of the world. I also relax watching mindless TV (usually old shows with morals and values that match mine). What brings us renewed strength? Continue reading

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