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Keeping Our Eyes On The Cross

James 1:14

…but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.

Sunday in the sermon we mentioned collectables. I mentioned my wife’s snow babies – she has a whole china cabinet full of them. I mentioned my Oriole bobble heads and gnomes – and the member that has a collection that puts mine to shame. A quick search on E-Bay reveals a large number of collectables such as military metals – decorative spoons – china plates – a variety of toys and dolls and more. Collectables can be anything that someone treasures and finds valuable. I’ve seen collections of license plates (trying to get one from every state for instance or all of the Maryland tags going way back. My father collected stickers for his campers – one for each state and park we passed through or camped at during our childhood (and after).

I also mentioned in the sermon that we put a value on our collectables. We determine if the price being asked for an item is worth it to us. I mentioned that paying $495 (plus club rental and a caddy to play Pebble Beach was a bit much for me so I didn’t collect that golf course on my list of courses played. I did buy some golf balls with the course name on it and stepped onto the first tee box! Continue reading

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