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Love One Another – Please!

Romans 12:10

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Some have had bad experiences growing up with family and some with church life. I talked to someone Tuesday that had a very bad experience with family and with the church.

Some of us aren’t sure how to love one another because we didn’t have a good model growing up. Some of us have a hard time showing love – even to those whom we are supposed to love. Growing up – if your home was void of expressions of love – it is something you had to learn as an adult (or still lack). Loving one another is not as easy as just saying the words.

I grew up in a loving home. I had a father and mother at home who loved each other and expressed that love – or modeled that expression of love – for their children. Did any of us grow up with siblings? I grew up with an older sister and a younger brother. We loved each other and still do today (mostly – LOL). Love was modeled for me growing up so it is easier for me to love others (though not easy – just easier). Continue reading

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