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Time For An Attitude Check

Philippians 2:5

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:

RayMcDTime for an attitude check. I will begin today’s post by confessing that I have not always had a good attitude. I battle with my attitude at times. Sometimes more than other times. I have – through time and life – become more aware of my attitude(s) and the attitude(s) of those around me. Some may have a natural tendency to see the negative first – rather than the positive. For instance – when someone arrives at home is it more natural for them to notice the lights on in rooms not being used – the TV running and no one watching – and the children’s bikes in the driveway – rather than notice that all the children are doing their homework – their partner is busy fixing dinner – and their pet meets them cheerfully at the door. Because this might be natural for some – doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to overcome this tendency. Our attitudes impact people around us – our family – our co-workers – folks at church – folks at the grocery store – etc. Time for an attitude check.

Time for an attitude check. Throughout my ministry and my personal life – I have seen the impact a negative attitude can have on people – on me. Snide remarks on Facebook – Twitter – in person – in an e-mail – on the phone – can scar people and damage our witness for Christ. Some people might think their spiritual gift is to complain – to be negative – to point out to those around them the things they are doing wrong – but that one is missing from the list of spiritual gifts the Bible gives us. Some seem to see the negative first like I said. Some see the glass half-empty. For those with these natural tendencies – the task at hand might be tougher. But all of us should hear today’s Scripture and examine our attitudes with the attitude of Christ. Time for an attitude check. 

Time for an attitude check. Before we make that snide comment (catching ourselves is not easy but doable) – we should ask ourselves – would Jesus say – type – or post this? It might just help. The WWJD craze was something that was supposed to remind us – What Would Jesus Do. I’ve started wearing my bracelet again – as a simple reminder to me. It has helped some – but I still slip. Time for an attitude check.

Time for an attitude check. I once coined this phrase – which I got from today’s Scripture – Christianity boils down to attitude. This is not a theological statement as much as it is an acknowledgement that we can have all knowledge but without the right attitude – it could be for naught. I would think we all know people who have great Bible knowledge – a sincere love for Jesus even – but their attitude stinks – and this impacts their witness – greatly. As a pastor – I would rather have someone working in the ministry with the right attitude – who is trainable in the ways of God – than a person trained in the ways of God with a bad attitude. I hope that makes sense to our readers. Let me share my quote with an add-on. Christianity boils down to attitude – the condition and position of our heart. Time for an attitude check.

Time for an attitude check. Today – and for the foreseeable future – let’s work on our attitudes. Instead of looking for things to complain about – let’s look for the good in those around us and in the work that we and others are doing. I guarantee it will make things better! A good attitude goes a long way! A good attitude can cover over a multitude of mistakes – where a bad attitude can destroy a lot of good works. Time for an attitude check.

Time for an attitude check. Sunday – a week ago at First Church and yesterday at Community UMC – I preached about love covering a multitude of sins. Love is best expressed with a good attitude – the mind of Christ. If we wish to reach people and draw them to Jesus – it will be thru our expressions of love and our attitudes. Think about it my friends and let’s walk it out. Time for an attitude check.

Just something for us to think about today as we go on our way.

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