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The Lord Will Rescue Us!

Matthew 14:31

Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.

RayMcDI remember once – I was body surfing at Ocean City – and I had a wave swallow me up. I tumbled and tumbled and hit the bottom a few times – and for a moment – I thought I might not come up for air in time. I was very young and probably had been told to not go out so deep in the water. An older person happened to see my predicament and in a quick motion grabbed me by the hand and lifted me up out of the water. I was coughing and gasping for my breath and I thanked him once I caught my breath. I’m not sure if he saved me or not – whether I would have survived without his help – but – I know I appreciated his help.

Have any of us ever been given a helping hand? I remember my father giving one of my uncles a helping hand. He was down and out and needed help establishing a place to live. He and his current wife had little to nothing and my father and another uncle gave him a helping hand. They set them up in an apartment at a rate they could afford and gather furniture for them. They helped them get clothes and filled the frig for them. Dad felt he had to help his brother – even though he knew the probable outcome. You can give someone a helping hand – but they need to be willing to take the help and keep on the right path. Unfortunately – this uncle didn’t make good use of the helping hand offered. Continue reading

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