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My Plan for the Prayer/Fast

Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

fullsizeoutput_ffeMy daughters are all trying to be healthy. I’m proud of them in so many ways – but their desire to be healthy is one of the reasons for sure. One of my daughters is really into working out and keeping her body in top shape. She needs to do so for her job – but besides that she is into being healthy. She sticks to a strict diet and goes to the gym almost daily. She is into cross-training now and loves it. She has great control over her physical desires when it comes to her physical body. I want that! Another daughter has just lost 40 pounds and is really starting to look like she did a decade or more ago. She recently fit into her wedding gown for a surprise to her husband. My third daughter stays in shape chasing after 3 children – soon to be 4. They all make me proud in so many ways. I want to be like them in some ways!

Like many of us – I have tried to lose weight for years now – even decades. I have always blamed my weight on three things (do they sound familiar?) – 1) medication I take to combat Tourette Syndrome – 2) age and genetics (I’m big boned) – and 3) a lack of will power. I can’t change number one (although I continue to pray for God to heal me). Number two is an excuse – because many people over 60 are in much better shape (and my daughters have half of my genetics and they are improving their health all the time). I’m not sure I can do much about my will power either – I either have it or I don’t. So there doesn’t seem to be any good reason! At least none that hold water.

I have great will power in some areas of my life and less in other areas. I imagine I am the only one who has a split personality in relationship to their will power – right? I mean – I have great control over many areas of my life – but not over some other areas. Am I alone?

As I begin my prayer/fast on November 1st – my goal is not to lose weight (although that should be a lovely side effect). One of my goals during my November Prayer/Fast is to gain spiritual control over my eating – more so than I have now. I began this current health journey on July 15th – and so far I have gained some control over my eating. I have lost 36 pounds to date on this plan – 62 overall. But – (and this is a big but) – I still need more victory over my eating (even on a healthy journey – I have bad days or bad moments or bad habits to overcome).

I know that I cannot do it alone. I have tried every diet you can imagine and they all work until I go off of them. They all work – until I don’t follow them well. I’m after a life-change – making healthy habits and decisions the norm rather than just a temporary plan. I want to eat to live, not live to eat. I’m after a spiritual victory. And in order to get that victory – I will need God to give strength to this weary man and increase my power in my weakness. Isaiah 40:29 – He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

If you would like to join me – find that area of your life where you lack spiritual control. It may not be with your eating.  I would welcome many joining me – but don’t do what I am doing – because my fast will be designed to give me spiritual victory over areas in my life (such as my eating) where I lack control. Unless you line up with my areas – the fast will not be a help to you. Design your fast to give you spiritual victory over physical desires in your life where the desires have control right now or more control than you would like.

During my Prayer/Fast I will be fasting from ANYTHING not on my new health journey. If it isn’t part of my plan – I will not take it into my body. Here’s the big issue – I have convinced myself – because of my great results so far (36 pounds since July 15) – that I can lose weight without being 100% faithful to the plan. By cheating – I am allowing my hunger for things to control me. I need control over the idea – straight from Satan – that I can handle my eating. November will be a time to be completely dedicated to the new journey I am on. We will see what God can do! I hope to report success – and success will not be measured by pounds. Success will be measured in holding to my fast. Like an addict who can’t have just one drink or one snort – I want to be completely faithful to the health journey I am on.

My prayer – as I begin this fast is this – Lord – give this weary soul the strength to succeed.  Increase my will power to stay away from the things that have controlled me for years. I would appreciate your prayers during my fast. Liking this post will indicate to me that you are praying for me this month or rate it on my blog page. My blog posts are followed by over 1,000 people each day. How many of you will be praying for me this month?

I will try to keep everyone abreast of how I’m doing in this place. Let me know how you are doing with your prayer/fast as well. I’m not only trying to add years to my life – I’m trying to add life to my years!

Just something for us to think about today as we go on our way.

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