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The Prudent Hold Their Tongues

Proverbs 10:19

…the prudent hold their tongues.

fullsizeoutput_ffeHave you ever had something happen in your life – and you felt compelled to say something or write something about it – only to have your words come back to haunt you? I know it has happened to me a number of times. I know many of us want to respond to folks on social media as they exclaim their victories or losses from the mid-term elections. The sky is falling for some and for others – our team won! I have pledged to stay out of it – at least for November (maybe forever).

I don’t believe in jinxes – but I have tweeted during a game – when my team was up and on the way to a win – only to see them lose the game in the closing minutes. A number of times I have tweeted things that later I had to erase. At times my fingers type faster than my brain thinks. Some of my Facebook friends might say the same thing for themselves. I mean – have you seen some of the things folks have posted during this election season? There seems to be no filter for some folks.

The proverb today – in part – says – the prudent hold their tongues. This seems very appropriate as many rush to make comments about issues and events that we face in our society. Tweeting or posting on FB – or not – withholding comments on things – can be seen as a modern day holding the tongue.

Satan is busy – I believe – causing division in our nation. With the not yet concluded mid-term elections (there are still races that are hanging on the final tallies) – each side is declaring victory and few – if any – are talking about working together for what is best for our nation. Of course – the two main parties differ in their understanding of what is best for our nation.

Hate mongers in the world descend on every event that happens and some people can never do the right thing – no matter how much good they do. Everyone seems to spin situations to fit their narrative. Everyone wants to blame the other side – instead of striving to drawn people together. Satan is working hard to bring division.

The prudent hold their tongues – so – November is a month when I am fasting from saying negative things or even commenting on social media concerning the things I disagree with or even at times – things I agree with that might start disagreements.

I serve a multi-racial – multi-cultural – theologically diverse congregation in a community of the same. I want to love all people – as Christ loves all people. I acknowledge that I am a product of my environment – of my past – but I do not want to be anyone’s judge. I want to love all – and I want to look at the content of a person’s heart rather than the flavor of their politics or ideology. I hope this is received in the love that it is offered.

Just something for us to think about today as we go on our way.

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