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Where Do You See Jesus 4

Isaiah 42:8

I am the Lord; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.

Life ChangeFor the next few weeks – from time to time – I will be posting comments by our readers. I’d like folks to share with me where they see Jesus this Advent-Christmas Season. Just write a paragraph or so describing some of the things that bring you joy this Christmas season in your relationship with Jesus and with First Church if this is your home church (or your home church)? I’m also asking where you see Jesus in your church family? Also – what draws you to First Church (or your home church). You don’t have to tackle all of these – but say something about the joy you feel this Christmas.

The reason for this is to stir up some joy and excitement this Christmas Season (we all need some of that – right?). I will share your thoughts anonymously. I will try to post a comment as often as they come in so send your comments. The posts will go up around 9 am each day – just like our regular devotional thoughts.

Pastor, I’m so glad we are having the late Christmas Eve service again this year. I missed worship last Christmas Eve because we have a family activity earlier in the evening. I always appreciate the way you have us circle the sanctuary near mid-night while we sing Silent Night and hold candles. It brings such joy to my heart. It is such a sweet time to be with our church family.

I love the Christmas season. It brings back such wonderful memories. My parents are getting older and we do not know how many years we will have them with us, so we remember and celebrate. The grandchildren bring such joy at this time of the year too. I wish we could get some snow for Christmas. Thanks for this opportunity to share what brings me joy at Christmas.

Praise the Lord for this and all testimonies. I hope that they bring joy to those who read them. I also hope that others will share as well. Merry Christmas to one and all.

There is one week until Christmas. Are you ready? Is the joy of Christmas welling up in side of you? Are you letting the hustle and bustle of Christmas win or are you seeking the joy of Christmas instead?

Just something to think about today as we go on our way.

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