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2019 – What Are Your Goals?

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Life ChangeToday is New Year’s Eve – 2018. What will you do today or tonight? Do you have plans to spend time with friends until the ball drops and we begin 2019? Are you going to a party or like our church – a game night tonight? Are you heading to New York or DC or Annapolis? What are your plans for tonight? Sometimes I stay up – sometimes I go to bed early. My wife is babysitting some of our grands – I may be alone. I could be in bed by 9 pm or stay up. We’ll see how much I do during the day and how tired I am tonight. Maybe an afternoon nap will help me stay up till the New Year.

Tomorrow is January 1st – New Year’s Day – 2019. What are your goals for 2019? Remember – one of my favorite sayings – aim at nothing and you’re bound to hit it! Spend some time today – if you haven’t already – planning some goals for 2019. In the message yesterday – I mentioned a few things. Did any of those goals fit your eye? Let’s spend some time discussing some goals for 2019.

One goal we could be – reading through the Bible in a year. Here’s a reading plan that will get the reader through the Bible in a year. It is from www.bible.com. If we desire to have friends join us in the journey – this program allows us to invite folks to join us. If this is too large of a goal – there are reading plans that can get us through the Bible in three years or different portions of the Bible in a year or shorter time frames. The plan should be to read more of the Bible in 2019 than we did in 2018. Remember – as disciples of Jesus Christ – we need to be students of God’s Word.

Another goal for some might be – losing weight. If you had asked me in July of 2018 that I would be 40 pounds lighter as the calendar turned over – I would have told you – that would be crazy. But here I am – down 40 pounds since July. Make a plan to go to the gym – find an eating plan that works for you – walk more – cycle – become more active. If you want some help finding a plan that works for you – e-mail me at revraymac@comcast.net – I’d love to be a help. The main key to losing weight is eating less calories than we burn off each day! A pound a week would mean 52 pounds when the year 2020 begins. I plan to lose more in 2019. Join me on the journey.

Another goal – one I mentioned yesterday – could be healing relationships. Are we at odds with a family member? Our fault – their fault – it doesn’t really matter. Life is too short to be at odds with anyone – let alone a family member. I’ve known way too many people who have died suddenly. Let’s make one of our goals in 2019 – healing relationships. We never know how much time we have left – and we certainly wouldn’t want to be too late making things right!

Another goal some of us could set – improving our credit rating. It is hard to do much of anything – if our finances are not in order – and that often begins with improving our credit rating. Pay off some bills – keep current with some other bills – pay-off credit cards when we are able – work a second job if need be – stay within our means – reduce purchases to needs rather than wants. Do whatever it takes to improve our financial condition in 2019 – it will help!

We could go on and on. Like – increase our prayer life – attend worship every week – join a Bible study group – develop a support group – and on and on. The idea is to set some goals – some might call them New Year’s Resolutions. Set some goals to go after and let’s do our best to reach them – and see what the New Year will bring our way.

I plan on losing more weight. I plan on reading more in the Word of God. I plan to increase my prayer life. I plan on spending more time with my family. I plan to take all of my vacation and days off. These are just a few of my 2019 goals. What are yours?

Just something for us to think about today as we go on our way.

P.S. – Each day in 2019 – as we approach February 23rd and the Special General Conference of the UMC – spend 5 minutes praying for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of the delegates. Thanks.

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