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We Are God’s Servants

Ezra 5:11

We are the servants of the God of heaven and earth,

My aunt did extensive genealogy when she was with us. I have loads of her work. I found out that one of my ancestors was royalty from England for instance (you can bow later). I know if I searched her records enough I would also find a horse thief or some other scandalous fellow or gal. Most of us might be surprised – even shocked to find out who is in our family tree.

Knowing where we come from is important – or at least has some importance. One of my favorite counseling sayings is – we are a product of our environment. We are a product of the people and things around us as we grow. For example – most people grow up to like the same team our mom or dad liked or we drive the same brand of vehicle. Many of us are in the same denomination as our parents. This is not always the case – but I imagine most of us can find some things in our life that match our parents. If not – maybe we are completely the opposite because of our parents.

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