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Loving Our Neighbor

Mark 12:31

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  There is no commandment outsiders greater than these.”

Life ChangeI just left the home of a farmer in South County. His mom is nearing the end of this life. As we sat and talked – names were being mentioned that I remember from my time living and serving in SoCo. We talked about folks that I have known my whole life. Names that ring true in Southern Anne Arundel County lore. It was good to talk about them – some now with Jesus and some still with us. Many of them were my neighbors at one time or attended the church I served or simply lived in SoCo when I did.

Neighbors – at least old school neighbors – in SoCo – would be there and some still are – whatever comes our way. I’ve seen farmers harvest crops for a neighbor when health or personal concerns impacted their ability to do it themselves. I’ve seen brothers working side-by-side. I’ve seen three and four generations working a farm together. I’ve witnessed neighbors that didn’t really know one another come to the aid of one another. I remember the way it used to be – and in some ways – still. Continue reading

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