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Hatred Is A Corrosive Element

Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.

img_0063-2I’m spending some time today and over the next few days – listening to the impeachment trial on TV. I could have ignored it (and maybe I should). I could simply read or listen about it later. But – I decided to have it running while I work. I wanted to make my own decisions – rather than hearing someone else’s opinion about it. I’m still looking for a news agency that gives me simply the news without their take or slant. I’m looking for a news station or an online source that simply reports news rather than give opinion. Since I have not found such a source – I will listen and make my own opinion. If you know of such a source – please pass it along to me in the comments or by private message.

What I see in politics today (and in some religious circles as well) is anger – partisanship – and even hatred. We have lost – in some circles – the ability to disagree without hatred or anger – without being disagreeable. As I listen to the impeachment – it is amazing that thoughtful person on either side of the disagreement can be so opposed to each other – in such a partisan way. The democrats are with all wrong or all right – the republicans as well. The same seems to be the position taken by the liberals and the conservatives in religious circles. There is very little bipartisan work in politics or religious life these days. Continue reading

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