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The Only Constant Is Change

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Life keeps changing! The only constant in life is change. A number of things in my own life have changed. I’ve been married longer than I wasn’t married (37 years this past summer verses 25 years not married). I celebrated 44 years since I graduated High School this past June. I saw a picture of me in High School the other day and I do not look the same today!

My children – my babies – are all grown. Two have children (my five granddaughters). My wife and daughters are such a blessing to me along with our granddaughters. I’ve been in ministry for 41 years. I’ve begun to think about retirement (although I hope to have a few more years left – maybe more!).

Life keeps changing! This summer the Nationals have played playoff bound baseball – the Orioles are trying to get in but it doesn’t seem to be a certainty for sure. The Redskins lost their season opening game while the Ravens won – shutting out the Bengals. The Wizards made the playoffs and so did the Capitals. That’s pretty good change for our area and Maryland is 2-0 after two convincing wins.

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Christ Modeled Love For Us

Romans 5:10

For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!

112015 Ray McDonaldWhen the Steelers lost this past weekend – several Ravens fans and Bengals fans sheered on Facebook. Steeler & Bengal fans cheered that the Ravens didn’t even make the playoffs this year. As a matter of fact – they Ravens were the whipping boys for most of the league (except for the Steelers – lol).

Currently – as a Ravens and Redskins fan – I am cheering for the Broncos – because I’d love to see the Pats lose and Peyton Manning get another Super Bowl win. Fans of one team have a hard time rooting for other teams.

Baseball is a month away (pitchers and catchers reporting soon). The Hot Stove has had a lot of rumors and signings. The Orioles – my favorite team – went well out of their normal pattern and signed Chris Davis to a 7 year $161 million dollar contract. They have retained three of their most significant free agents. Several teams that compete against the Orioles in the Eastern Division of the AL have also signed significant players while the Yankees have not signed anyone to date. Continue reading

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