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Sin and God’s Perfect Design

Life ChangeThis is not a typical devotional thought. Today, I have been caught up in a theological discussion on Facebook (not the best place for such things but it is a tool to use to reach folks one might not be able to reach otherwise). I’m caught off guard – some – by those who differ with my understanding of God. The following – without names – is part of the discussion. I would welcome your thoughts and understanding on the issue at hand – namely – can we say we were born a certain way by God’s design or has sin caused a deviation or atypical altering of God’s perfect plan for us? I will identify my comments and will not post all  comments here. You can read all on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ramonmcdonald).

This theological understanding is deep in a thread. If you are not following the thread, you may not have seen it. It was my theological explanation for why we see deviations from God‘s perfect design of humanity, even of the world. I would be interested in your theological take?

(I wrote) I believe that all deviations from God’s perfect design are a result of our brokenness from God (sin). That brokenness can be personal sin, the sin of others, or our collective sin (humanity). God did not, as I understand it, create these deviations. Now God can use them, even to His glory, but let’s not say God made me or designed me with these deviations from His perfect design. Somewhere along the line, brokenness (sin) has caused the deviations we see. Sin or brokenness is the ultimate issue we face. In the case of birth defects, somewhere our genetic makeup has changed. For instance, a person’s use of drugs or alcohol could cause genetic change for their descendants (personal sin). This same change in genetics could’ve been caused several generations back and passed on unknowingly (the sin of others). This same change in genetics could be caused by environmental change (think ozone destruction or the chemicals in our food or water)(sin of humanity). This is not meant to place blame, it is an attempt to explain deviations from God’s perfect design in creation. Continue reading

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I Have Food To Eat

John 4:32

But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”

OK – how many diets have we tried? How many times have we tried to lose weight in our lifetime? If any of our readers have tried diets that worked – I would love for you to share them. Diets – crash diets – work if you stick to them – but when you cheat or go off the diet – unless you have changed your eating habits – the weight will return.

What are your favorite foods? What are your comfort foods? I enjoy ice cream. I enjoy pizza. I enjoy Snicker bars. I enjoy apple pie – with ice cream of course. I know – none of these will help me lose weight. I just thought I would share what I enjoyed – food wise.

I once read the following – eat to live – don’t live to eat. What that means is eat enough to stay alive – don’t stay alive in order to eat more. Continue reading

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