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Looking For A Little Shade?

Psalm 121:5

The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand…

RayMcDIt has been a hot summer. Not extremely hot – but hot none-the-less. We’ve only had one day over 100 in our area – but a number of days in the upper 90’s for sure. I’ve had to work in the heat some (nothing like those who work in the heat every day or on roofs in this heat) and it can get to you after a while [I’ve also played some golf in the heat in the afternoon and that is hard too :)]. Finding shade is usually a relief in heat like this summer has produced. Finding a tree or a tall building or even an umbrella seems to bring some relief – a break from the scorching sun. Even wearing a hat with a nice brim brings some relief.

Life at times is hard. I know – for some that is an understatement and for some – even most of us in the Western Hemisphere of our world – we don’t fully understand just how hard life can be at times. But I repeat myself – life is hard at times. We all need rest and peace. We all need down time – shade from the heat of a hard day if I might go there. Some of us take power naps (a good 15 minutes and I’m good for the rest of the day). Some of us take numerous coffee breaks (and drink lots of coffee to help us get through hard days). Some of us live for the clock to strike the end of a hard day at work. Our shade is often returning home – while some have it hard at home as well. Continue reading

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