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My Plan for the Prayer/Fast

Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

fullsizeoutput_ffeMy daughters are all trying to be healthy. I’m proud of them in so many ways – but their desire to be healthy is one of the reasons for sure. One of my daughters is really into working out and keeping her body in top shape. She needs to do so for her job – but besides that she is into being healthy. She sticks to a strict diet and goes to the gym almost daily. She is into cross-training now and loves it. She has great control over her physical desires when it comes to her physical body. I want that! Another daughter has just lost 40 pounds and is really starting to look like she did a decade or more ago. She recently fit into her wedding gown for a surprise to her husband. My third daughter stays in shape chasing after 3 children – soon to be 4. They all make me proud in so many ways. I want to be like them in some ways!

Like many of us – I have tried to lose weight for years now – even decades. I have always blamed my weight on three things (do they sound familiar?) – 1) medication I take to combat Tourette Syndrome – 2) age and genetics (I’m big boned) – and 3) a lack of will power. I can’t change number one (although I continue to pray for God to heal me). Number two is an excuse – because many people over 60 are in much better shape (and my daughters have half of my genetics and they are improving their health all the time). I’m not sure I can do much about my will power either – I either have it or I don’t. So there doesn’t seem to be any good reason! At least none that hold water. Continue reading

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I Have Food To Eat

John 4:32

But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.”

OK – how many diets have we tried? How many times have we tried to lose weight in our lifetime? If any of our readers have tried diets that worked – I would love for you to share them. Diets – crash diets – work if you stick to them – but when you cheat or go off the diet – unless you have changed your eating habits – the weight will return.

What are your favorite foods? What are your comfort foods? I enjoy ice cream. I enjoy pizza. I enjoy Snicker bars. I enjoy apple pie – with ice cream of course. I know – none of these will help me lose weight. I just thought I would share what I enjoyed – food wise.

I once read the following – eat to live – don’t live to eat. What that means is eat enough to stay alive – don’t stay alive in order to eat more. Continue reading

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