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What Is Precious To Us?

1 Peter 2:7

Now to you who believe, this stone is precious. But to those who do not believe, “The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone,”

What is it we count as precious? Growing up I collected comic books. I had Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, Hulk, Wolverine, Batman, Aqua Man, Superman, Green Hornet, Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and more. For some – I had complete original series – in mint condition. I read them all and kept them in a box in the basement of our home. In a sense they were precious to me – precious in the sense that I collected them and kept them.

One day my mom had a yard sale. She was selling all sorts of things. I helped for a while and then I had to go umpire a baseball game. I left for a few hours. I went over to the old Elk’s field in Annapolis for the baseball game. When I returned the sale was just about over and I helped bring things into the house. It was later that evening that I found that I was missing my comic collection. My younger brother had taken them out and sold them in the yard sale. I was furious. Something that was precious to me was taken away – without my permission. I hate to think of what they would be worth today. I’m just glad he didn’t find my box of baseball cards – some of the hang in my office now at work! Continue reading

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Jesus Is The Only Way

John 14:6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

profileEcumenical work in the community is important.  There are many evils in our society/community that religious groups of various beliefs can work on together.  Racism is something that religious groups of all types should work to drive out of our communities for instance.  Hunger – poverty – abuse – addiction rehabilitation – working to build stronger families and marriages are just a few of the things that Jews – Christians – Muslims – Mormons – and other religious groups could work on together.  Putting the resources of these religious groups and community groups like the Elks – Masons – Kiwanis – Shriners – Moose and others to battle against some of the evils in our society can only be a good thing IMHO (in my humble opinion).

Working together for common purposes doesn’t suggest that there are not essential differences between these religious and community groups.  Even within Christian churches there are major differences in what we believe about God – about sin – about eternity.

One of the major differences – one of the essential doctrines – again IMHO – is our view of today’s passage and its meaning.  The question that gets asked numerous times is why Christians (not all Christians by the way) believe that Jesus is the only way to the Father – to heaven?   Isn’t that view very narrow-minded some might ask.  What makes us think that we have the true answer to the age old quest for seeking after God? Continue reading

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