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Our Time Is Short

Ephesians 5:16

[make] the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

The older I get – the more I realize that our time on this earth is short. I’ve lived 63+ years and if I live to 84 like my father I have 21 years left. If I live as long as my mother – I have 26 more years (although her last 2-4 years were not pleasant). If I live as old as my paternal great-grandfather – I have 39 more years. Even that seems like a short time left on this earth. Our time is short.

We measure things in time. For instance – I will retire sometime between 2 and 9 years. My youngest daughters are 33 years younger than I am and in 3 years they will be half my age. School is out for the summer and in 2 months or so students will be headed back to class (sooner if they have summer school or play fall sports). Our time is short.

We’re to use each and every moment serving God. We never know when our last moment may be present. We never know how long we have left on earth – so use every moment to God’s glory. Our time is short. Continue reading

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