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Showing Love At A Time Like This

Romans 8:37

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

RayMcDSome of us – the older persons for sure – grew up in an era when men had a hard time showing their emotions.  Even in today’s society it is not unusual for some men to have a hard time saying I love you to their spouse – their children – family – or others. Some women have a hard time as well – but it seems to come more naturally for them. Expressing our feelings – our love and our emotions – shouldn’t be so hard.

Along the lines of some men having a hard time saying they love the ones they do love – it is not uncommon to hear at a funeral for a dad – he may not have said it very often if at all – but I knew my father loved me.

At funerals I often remind people to not wait to say I love you to those they love – because the opportunities might be short – and the end can come unexpectedly. A clergy friend of mine – four years my junior – died suddenly of a heart attack – here one moment and gone the next.  We all know of people who died suddenly – and maybe we had some regrets about not saying we loved them enough – if at all. Same thing for people holding grudges against those they love. It is often heard at funerals – the last time we spoke we had an argument – and then I find out that the argument was months – even years ago at times. Continue reading

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Proclaim God’s Great Deeds

Psalm 145:6

They tell of the power of your awesome works—and I will proclaim your great deeds.

IMG_0301Yesterday was Mother’s Day and my Facebook feed was filled with photos and stories of people celebrating with their moms or with the memory of their moms. I spent the day with my mom.

Mothers are one of the building blocks of God’s design for the family. God’s design includes one man and one woman – a father and a mother when children are part of the family unit. We see so much deviation from God’s design creeping into our society today – even into some churches. When sinful humanity begins to redesign God’s plan – we will see the destruction that it will bring.

We see some of the destruction in many single parent homes – where one parent or the other is missing. A high percentage of criminals come from single parent homes – and I don’t think that is by accident. God’s design is perfect and when we mess with it – we cause issues. Continue reading

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