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Do We Love Hunting?

Luke 19:10

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

IMG_0301I love hunting for things – like lost golf balls. I find them in places other than golf courses (like I have found a few along the side of the road when I am walking) – but mainly I find them where others don’t look (either because they don’t care or would rather buy new ones rather than go into the woods or water looking for their bad shots).

I love hunting for things – like hidden items in pictures (I remember as a child looking in the Highlights Magazine).  Finding hidden items in the picture was fun – as long as someone hadn’t come along before me and circled the items!  I also liked finding what was different between two fairly identical pictures.  My mind loves to figure out what doesn’t belong in a picture!

I love hunting for things – like good deals. I like searching for the lowest gasoline price in our area. I enjoy getting discounts on things – like buy one and get one or two free! I usually buy one and get one free with my suits for example. Continue reading


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