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I Love You – Do You Love Me?

1 John 4:19

We love because he first loved us.

Dear readers – did you pass notes as a child in school? I remember passing notes in elementary school? When a little girl sent a note – it might say – I like you – do you like me? We also asked crazy questions of our classmates. I was in Miss Bailey’s classroom (I had a crush on her) at John H. Bayne Elementary School  – we were out in a trailer (temporary classroom) – because the school was expanding so fast. I remember when they came into our classroom and asked who would go to the new class (our class was overloaded) – I said yes.

I remember going steady with a young lady in 6th grade. The couples – at least many of them – would parade around the playground holding hands during recess. I wouldn’t do it – because recess for me was a time to play kickball or softball or some kind of ball. I remember getting a note from my steady telling me – if I really loved her (I never used those words) I would give up recess and walk with her. Needless to say – the relationship didn’t last very long. Continue reading

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Showing God’s Love

John 13:34

So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.

IMG_0301I can remember – as a youngster – yes – that is a long time ago – passing notes in class. Do you remember passing notes? We would get in trouble if the teacher caught us. I remember getting notes that said – I like you – do you like me? Did you ever get one like that?

In elementary school the girls put together little information booklets. They passed them around and everyone was asked to answer the questions. A question in one of the booklets I got was – do you like Dark Shadows? I thought they meant dark shadows in the night. I wasn’t into watching that TV show – didn’t even know that show existed. I said I like dark shadows. The next page in the booklet starting asking questions about the TV show – talking about the characters and such and I was lost! Continue reading

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