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I Desire More!

Ephesians 3:20

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more

20140530-104833-38913743.jpgYesterday I wrote about desiring God.  Today I want to write about desiring more of God!

I use to work at a soda fountain. The place was called Pinks – it was a drug store that had a soda fountain in it and I worked behind the fountain. Yes – that would have made me a Soda Jerk. Wikipedia defines a Soda Jerk this way – a person — typically a youth — who operates the soda fountain in a drugstore, often for the purpose of preparing and serving flavored soda water or an ice cream soda.

As a Soda Jerk – I learned how to make all sorts of sodas and ice cream cones. I learned to make sandwiches – mostly pre-made – all I had to do was heat – but I did make some from scratch. I learned what made customers happy. Usually when it came to ice cream or ice cream sodas – it was more ice cream!

This experience is where my example about the ice cream cone being filled with ice cream and the scoop being packed rather than hollow comes from I use from time to time. I use it when I am describing our faith – and how we should want more – all that God can give us – like a cone packed and the scoop solid – even pouring over the sides! Continue reading

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