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By Our Love!

John 13:35

By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

82015 RayI read an article once about an Iowa couple – married for 72 years – Gordon (94) – and Norma (90) Yeager.  They were hardly ever a part in life and even after a tragic car accident (Gordon’s fault) they lay in the ICU – hand in hand.  Their children reported in the article how close they were – how the day after Norma graduated from High School she accepted Gordon’s proposal and within 12 hours they were married and never a part again.

After the accident and hearing how close they were throughout their life – the nurses put them in the same room in the ICU and brought their beds together.  The reached for each other and held each other’s hand – his right – her left.  At 3:38 pm he died – he stopped breathing – but to the children’s surprise the heart monitor kept going.  They were puzzled until the nurses told them that because they were holding hands – their mom’s heart beat was going through their dad and being read by his machine.  She passed at exactly one hour later.  Their son mentioned that dad was holding the door open for her. Continue reading

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