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Running the Race of Our Lives

1 Corinthians 9:26

Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.

Rays HaircutHave you picked your favorite candidate for President in 2020? he election is only 5 plus months away. The two major candidates – President Donald Trump (the current President and Republican candidate) and Mr, Joe Biden (former Vice President the the Democratic candidate) – are facing a difficult campaign season with the Pandemic making typical rallies and campaigning difficult if not impossible. Both believe they would make the best next President of the United States. I’m praying for our country and the next President. I truly hope that the person we elect has a plan and that the other leaders of our country have one too – and that they gel. Our country is in trouble if a plan doesn’t develop that will carry us forward – past this pandemic and to help our economy to recover.

As I type this – basketball and baseball – among other sports – are on hold. NASCAR has returned and I actually saw ESPN running a cornhole contest. The public must be starving for entertainment and sports.

Basketball is talking about a playoff of some sorts. Baseball – Major League Baseball – is talking about playing in July – a shortened season – maybe 100 games rather than 162 with more teams making the playoffs. Continue reading

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Building Each Other Up

Ephesians 4:29

[build] others up according to their needs

Photo on 9-10-18 at 11.09 AMMost of us probably know people – or are people – who seem to enjoy putting people down. For some of us – it comes naturally. For some of us – it is a learned behavior from years of being in a negative environment (like an oppressive parent – co-worker – or partner).

Don Rickles was a professional comedian who made his living putting people down. He would call people in the audience hockey pucks and was a prominent member of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast which aired – originally from 1974 thru 1984. People liked to hear others put someone down – especially a star! The premise of the show was someone would be the man or women of the day and other stars would take turns roasting them (cutting them down). It ran for 10 years and kept the Dean Martin Show on the air.

Today’s politicians like this approach as well – because they can’t seem to say a kind word about one another. From the President calling people names like Rocket man or Pocahontas – to Hillary calling Trump supporters deplorable – to Biden calling them the dregs of society – to others saying they would like to blow up the White House – or other hateful talk. Other hateful talk includes calling law enforcement officers pigs or calling for them to be shot or killed. Such hateful talk – when we are called to build each other up. Continue reading

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