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Being A Disciple

John 8:31

If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.

We have three grandchildren living with us right now. We have two other grandchildren living very close to us. Soon they will all live near us. It tickles me to hear them call for Pop and run to give me a hug. Several of them are very good at giving hugs – OK – all of them are! I enjoy cuddling and playing with them all. I spent some time tonight reading to three of them and playing blocks with them. One likes nothing more than to knock down the towers we build. She says help me Pop and as I build a tower – she giggles and knocks them down.

As my children raise/rear their children – I am reminded of the task of being a parent. I tweeted this recently – It is our job as parents to teach our children to be trustworthy, to fulfill their commitments, and to do a good job even when nobody is looking. Another thing we are to do as a Christian parent is to teach and train our children to be obedient to God. They must make this choice themselves – but we lay the groundwork for sure. Monkey see – monkey do is often so true. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree is another good saying when it comes to parenting. As our children and grandchildren witness our faith – they will learn to model it and have a better chance of coming to faith themselves. Continue reading

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We’re Free – Free Indeed

John 8:36

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

RayMcDI remember playing games as a child. We played games like Freeze Tag. In freeze tag there are usually two sides or teams. The idea of the game is to freeze all of the players on the other team by tagging them. They can be unfrozen by being tagged by a member of their own team. You can tag and freeze a player by tagging them when they are not on their home base. When they are on their home base they are immune from being frozen – they are home free so to speak.

When we played regular tag there might be two or more free spaces or bases. The idea in tag was the person who was it tried to tag someone else who became it. If you made it to a safe base – you were safe and free from being tagged. This game had no real end – we stopped when folks got tired of running around chasing each other. Recently I watched a game of tag where my 3-year-old granddaughter was playing with 10-14 year olds or even older. My granddaughter – try as she might – couldn’t catch the older girls and they were not going to let her catch them either. My pregnant daughter – the 3-year-old’s mother – got upset that they were not letting the granddaughter catch them so she started playing – first letting the 3-year-old catch her and then chasing down (yes several months pregnant – no competitive juices flowing in our family) the teens and pre-teens. Watching her run around the playground – I was just hoping she wouldn’t fall and hurt herself and my next grand baby!

Continue reading

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A Slave To Sin?

John 8:34

Jesus replied, Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

IMG_0301Slavery is a hot subject in America – even in the year 2015. With the current debate over the confederate war banner/flag – thoughts of an evil time in our country has surfaced. There was a Civil War in our country from 1861 to 1865 – and one of the main points of disagreement between the two sides – the north and the south – was over the subject of slavery.

An article found online from Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia – slavery was a main reason for the War Between the States. Here is a portion of that article. In the 1860 presidential electionRepublicans, led by Abraham Lincoln, opposed the expansion of slavery into U.S. territories. The Republican Party, dominant in the North, secured a majority of the electoral votes, and Lincoln was elected the first Republican president, but before his inauguration on March 4, 1861, seven slave states with cotton-based economies formed the Confederacy. The first six to secede had the highest proportions of slaves in their populations, a total of 48.8% for the six. [Outgoing Democratic President James Buchanan and the incoming Republicans rejected secession as illegal. Lincoln’s inaugural address declared his administration would not initiate civil war.

People today – in the north and south – might still disagree on some of the reasons for the War. Some might even disagree over slavery – still – but I would imagine that most people in America today realize that slavery was an evil. Continue reading

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