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General Conference 2019 – Part 1

2 Timothy 3:16–17

16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God  may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Scripture is the base of our understanding of God. It is often where those who differ in their understanding of God depart from one another. Scriptural authority is often the real issue when presenting issues surface. In the United Methodist Church today – the presenting issue is the nature of human sexuality. The real issue – can the Scriptures be believed and held as authoritative in our lives today.

For the next few days I will include articles written by some leaders in the United Methodist Church concerning the upcoming special General Conference of 2019 (#GC2019). Now that our Annual Conference is over – I want to make sure our readers are informed about the upcoming #GC2019.

Today I include an article written by Rob Renfroe – from the Good News Magazine. You can find his article here if you wish to respond to it directly. I include his article below. You can respond on this blog page if you wish as well. Continue reading

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We Need to Move Beyond the Debate!

2 Timothy 2:23

Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.

profileBonus post before Christmas and yes it is still coming and almost here.  My hope is that this post will get a number of positive comments and responses and that we can move beyond the debate and move toward ministry together.

After a few days of debate on Facebook about Frank Schaefer and Phil Robertson I must say – as I said a few months ago – I am tired of the debate.  It is the same people with the same points (myself included) and I personally see no way to harmonize the major differences between those on differing sides of the debate.  Some see homosexuality as sinful – something to be repented of and resisted like we are called to repent from and resist any other sin.  Some see homosexuality as acceptable – a sexual expression no different than any other expression of sexuality.  Some would even include those who wish to express their sexuality with both genders and those who wish to surgically change their birth gender or merely present themselves as other than their birth gender. Continue reading

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Is There No Common Sense in the World Today?

Is there no common sense left in the world today?  With everyone fighting for their individual rights – with the LGBT community fighting hard to have their lifestyles labeled normal and acceptable – there just doesn’t seem to be any common sense left in the world.

EVEN if you would side with the LGBT community and say that their lifestyle is normal and acceptable – I couldn’t imagine how anyone would promote allowing a sixth grade boy – (who at this tender young age has expressed a desire to live as a girl – how can anyone that young understand such conflicting emotions and feelings) – to use the girl’s bathrooms in a public school.  It is just beyond reason to put sixth grade girls under such stress!  What are we thinking of as a society??  For his parents to fight for this is beyond me.  For the courts to side with them is lunacy in the umpth degree.

Here is an article about this subject.


Your comments are welcome!

This reminds me of another situation in our public schools where gay and lesbian teachers/coaches are allowed into same-sex locker-rooms with the children they are suppose to protect.  If a person has proclaimed a personal preference for the same-sex – shouldn’t they be excluded from the privacy of the locker-room?

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