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Keep Our Eyes on Jesus!

Matthew 22:21

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

82015 RayAt a church I pastored years ago – someone came to me with a concern.  The concern was that our church – at that time – wasn’t as welcoming to people of differing political views with the majority.  This got me thinking and I met with this person over lunch.  We talked – mostly I listened.  The majority/minority issue was concerning politics – political parties.  I was puzzled because I was raised in one party and am now in another – yet my Christianity is greater than my political leanings.  So I listened some more.  The person I was talking to said that at times – they do not feel welcome at church because their political views are not found in the majority at our church (no poll, simply their experience).

I have prayed about this subject and then looked at it in light of our vision and mission as a church.  I found that most of us have very similar views Biblically – which is very much what a church family should focus on.  Yet we have differing social views – which are not always Biblical – yet deal with Biblical subjects.  For instance – dealing with social subjects like abortion – human sexuality – poverty – health care – capital punishment – social justice – and more – can and often must touch our faith as well as our citizenship.  Often – we do not do a good job of splitting the two. Continue reading

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