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Life Is Ever-Changing – But God Remains Constant

Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

112015 Ray McDonaldLife is ever-changing. I have played basketball all my life but the last 5 years or so the knees have been acting up. I went back to playing after losing some weight and getting cortisone shot into my one knee – but even still they acted up. I’ve taken a few weeks off from basketball and they are actually feeling pretty good. A few years ago my doctor told me to stop playing. Maybe he knew what he was talking about? Go figure! Life is ever-changing.

Life is ever-changing. My children now have children! My babies have babies. Two of my babies live out-of-state! Other than a few months in West Virginia – I have lived my whole life in Maryland! Life is ever-changing.

Life is ever-changing. I have never seen a political scene like the one we have this year. One candidate is under FBI investigation. Another candidate is a self-proclaimed socialist. Another spouts hatred and insults while using foul language. Some have very little charisma – while others are so self-centered I wonder if they could think outside themselves to care about our country. Life is ever-changing. Continue reading

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The Word of God Will Never Pass Away

Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

profileOK – so we’re getting ready for the Final Four and Major League Baseball is underway.  As I’m writing this devotional thought the Maryland Lady Terps are in the Elite Eight. Is your favorite team still playing in college basketball?

I don’t believe anyone is going to win the Billion Dollar prize Warren Buffett offered for a perfect bracket for the Men’s tournament.  Some of my friends say they still have 3 of their 4 left in the final four for the men.  Interesting!

I just read ESPN’s predictions for this year’s baseball season and only one or two had my team making the playoffs. Oh well – someone had to be right even though the rest are wrong.  I will keep up with my team this year by reading School of Roch – the blog page of Roch Kubatko – all season to keep up with the O’s.  I’ve predicted 92 wins and the playoffs for the Baltimore Orioles – just saying. Continue reading

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