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Sound Doctrine – It Matters

2 Timothy 4:3

For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

June 2019In this day and age – sound doctrine and truth are under attack – always has been – always will be. The Bible is under attack – and the attacks are not all coming from outside the church. There are whole denominations – pastors – and laity – calling themselves followers of Christ – who are putting aside sound doctrine and truth. There are those who want to redefine sin – creation – and human design. Some want to re-write the Bible or delete parts that don’t sit well with them. Some want a reader’s digest version – one they get to pick and choose from to make up their Bible.

This is not a battle between conservatives and liberals. It is not orthodox folks verses progressive folks. It is Biblical doctrines and truths verses heresy IMHO. God’s Word is not something we can pick and choose – something we can decide to like or dislike with our feeble minds. The Bible is the Word of God – no other definition is needed. The Bible is the sacred text inspired by God and guarded by the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

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Come To Our Senses

Luke 15:17

When he came to his senses

I remember – while in High School – being knocked silly during a drill in football. I was lying on my back and had to jump up – turn around (part of the drill) and between two pylons a running back was coming full speed and I had to stop him. It was our fullback and he was at full stride. We collided and I wrapped my arms around him and over we went. To say my bell was rung would be an understatement. This was before they knew much about concussions – but I imagine I had one – everything was spinning (I was a 155 pound wide receiver/tight end and he was a 220 pound fullback) (but I did stop him). When I came to my senses – I jumped up and gave a roar (and later went to one knee).

I remember – growing up – and hearing advice from my father that at the time seemed silly and nonsensical. I listened with respect – and nodded my head at the appropriate times. I remember thinking dad was so old fashion and square. That is until – as I was experiencing life – much if not all of what he told me came true and was later seen as wisdom. When I grew older and wiser – I came to my senses and realized my dad was smarter and wiser than I ever imagined. Continue reading

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