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Settling Our Differences

Philippians 4:2 (NLT)

Please, because you belong to the Lord, settle your disagreement.

RayMcDWhen my brother and I – or my sister and I – or my brother and sister would have a disagreement – even an argument – my parents would remind us that we were siblings and that we should get along. The argument might have been over what TV show to watch (we had one TV in the whole house). The argument might have been over who’s turn it was to ride our loan bike (me and my sister before we got our own – see here). Whatever it was about – it wasn’t worth siblings being upset with one another for sure. We would settle our disagreements and move on.

Carolyn and I would remind our daughters the same thing. We would often tell them – that no matter how hard it might be at times to get along – your sisters (we had three daughters) – would always be there for you. Often – they would be your best friend(s) in life. They had some doozies at times – but they patched things up and carried on – loving each other. They settled their disagreements and moved on with life. Continue reading

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