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My Plan for the Prayer/Fast

Isaiah 40:29

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

fullsizeoutput_ffeMy daughters are all trying to be healthy. I’m proud of them in so many ways – but their desire to be healthy is one of the reasons for sure. One of my daughters is really into working out and keeping her body in top shape. She needs to do so for her job – but besides that she is into being healthy. She sticks to a strict diet and goes to the gym almost daily. She is into cross-training now and loves it. She has great control over her physical desires when it comes to her physical body. I want that! Another daughter has just lost 40 pounds and is really starting to look like she did a decade or more ago. She recently fit into her wedding gown for a surprise to her husband. My third daughter stays in shape chasing after 3 children – soon to be 4. They all make me proud in so many ways. I want to be like them in some ways!

Like many of us – I have tried to lose weight for years now – even decades. I have always blamed my weight on three things (do they sound familiar?) – 1) medication I take to combat Tourette Syndrome – 2) age and genetics (I’m big boned) – and 3) a lack of will power. I can’t change number one (although I continue to pray for God to heal me). Number two is an excuse – because many people over 60 are in much better shape (and my daughters have half of my genetics and they are improving their health all the time). I’m not sure I can do much about my will power either – I either have it or I don’t. So there doesn’t seem to be any good reason! At least none that hold water. Continue reading

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A November Fast

profileI just returned from an Emmaus weekend and feel compelled to improve my walk with Jesus. One of my dying moments was to deny myself more and follow Jesus even more. One way I plan do this is through a fast during the month of November (this will be more than a food fast). I would like to invite others to join me. I will describe my fast and write about it on my blog page. You can join me in the fast I am walking or create your own. I would love to read what you are doing if you are fasting and walk along with you for encouragement.

My fast will be a progressive fast, meaning I will add things to my fast as the month goes along. I will tackle one thing each week and try to stay with the preceding week’s fast as I add another item during the next week. If you would like to join me but what I have listed as my fast item doesn’t work for you (maybe what I pick is not a desire for you or you have already defeated it) add something of your own.

Challenge yourself. Do not give up something that is not hard to give up. I haven’t decided yet what to give up on week 2 through 4 plus a three-day tough challenge at the end of the month but I will list them on my blog page as God reveals them to me.

Here are the week segments.
Week 1 – November 1-7 – snack foods and candies
Week 2 – November 8-14
Week 3 – November 15-21
Week 4 – November 22-28
Extra – November 29-31

Week one I have decided to give up snacks. During this week I will refrain from eating any snack foods and candies (for me these include chips, most nuts, candies, ice cream and other empty high calorie items). I will strive to eat nothing after I eat my evening meal. If I have to snack between meals it will be with fruits and vegetables but I will strive to only eat at meal time. The fast is from snacks and candies.

When I crave what I am fasting from each week, I will begin to pray, seeking His face, while desiring His grace. The more I crave, the more I will be adding time to my prayer life, a win-win situation for sure, defeating a craving and spending more time with Jesus.

A fast, for me, is taking spiritual control over a physical desire. My prayer is that after the month of November I will have more spiritual control over a number of physical desires – cravings in my life. I also pray that my walk with Jesus will be deeper and more personal. Won’t you join me?

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