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Social Media – It Can Be a Tool for God

Philippians 2:21

For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.

June 2019Social media has connected a boat load of people in the last few years. I have a Facebook account – a Twitter account and other accounts as well. Follow me – if you so desire. I also have this blog page that I use to share my faith and thoughts.

I have numerous friends on Facebook (and that term is used at various levels on Facebook). There are so many friends that you have to put them in categories like folks who went to your High School – folks who are family – folks who are from your church – folks who live in your community – folks you really don’t know – etc. You can determine who sees your posts – no one but you (if you pick this option why are you posting on Facebook – lol) – everyone – your friends only – and you can even break some friends down into a group called acquaintances and you can also block some from seeing what other friends see. It can get confusing. You have a news feed where you see what your friends post. There is a private messaging portion of Facebook as well. You can post pictures and videos too.

On Twitter you can follow some folks and some folks can follow you. On Facebook you can leave long messages. On Twitter you are limited to 280 characters per post (that number used to be 140). Some programs will allow for larger posts. Twitter is supposed to be short thoughts and people come up with loads of shortcuts to get their message across in 280 characters.

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