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May We Only Boast in the Cross

Galatians 6:14

May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

Life ChangeDid your team win the National Championship in Division 1 basketball? Virginia won for the men. My cousin Mac went to Virginia and he was very happy. Did your team even make the dance? If so – how far did they go? My team – Maryland – made the dance and made it to the second round – but fizzled out. Did any of us boast on social media about our team? How about at work or in other conversations?

Did our team win their opening game in Major League Baseball this week? The Orioles usually do but didn’t this year. Which team will win their division this year – the league championship – the World Series? If our team is playing well – will we compare them to other teams and boast a little in our circles? The Orioles started out real well and had a few good games – but are losing as of late.

I saw some parents posting on Facebook about their children’s spring teams and some about their children’s scholastic achievements. I’m so proud of our youth and the youth I know. Some High School seniors I know are busy preparing for college or careers. Our new favorite college team might just be where our child attends – even if we never saw ourselves rooting for them before! Continue reading

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Greater Is He

1 John 4:4

. . . because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

profileAs a youth I liked to win.  OK – I still like to win.  I play golf most Saturday mornings with a few friends and we get a little competition going from time to time.  No money involved – but recently one friend broke into the 80’s for the first time in a long time and beat me – also in the 80’s – for the first time ever I think.  I wasn’t too happy.  I was happy for him – nice game – just not happy that he beat me!

When I was a younger person – elementary school to be exact – I remember playing kickball at recess and even then we tried to win.  We tried to get our friends – who were good players – on our team as we picked up sides.

Tiger Woods doesn’t like losing.  He is not a good sport when he loses – at least not when he hits bad shots (cameras are on him all the time).  He lost at the British Open but he won last weekend.  He seems to be on one week and not the next.  He has won a number of tournaments this year – but he isn’t playing with much consistency.  He isn’t the Tiger that put fear into the hearts of his fellow competitors – like he did a number of years ago. Continue reading

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