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Needs and Wants – Do We Know the Difference?

Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

We often write – teach – and preach – about our needs compared to our wants. Most of us live in the world of our wants (I know you have heard that from me before). Most of us have all we need and most if not all of what we want. Of course – there are those among us – either through choices they have made or choices and circumstances beyond their control – who live lives of need.

Take a test with me. Think for a moment – what would you do with $1,000? With $10,000? With $100,000? With $1,000,000? Does your answer include needs and/or wants? Are there bills that need to be paid for needs or are there things you’d like to buy that aren’t needs but rather wants? How much of that money would be spent on your needs verses your wants?

Most – I imagine – would talk about a new car – paying off the mortgage – buying a beach house – retiring early – or some other want. Few – I think – would talk about buying groceries for the family or paying medical bills or helping others have their needs met. What would you do with some extra money? If you inherited a sum of money – how would it change your life? Many who come into large sums of money have ended in ruin – because they failed to understand the different between needs and wants. Many pro athletes and movie/TV stars fall into this trap when they suddenly come into a large amount of money. I was moved by the young athletes that immediate help their family with their new found wealth rather than purchasing everything they lay their eyes on. Continue reading

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Learning To Be Generous

Acts 2:44

All the believers were together and had everything in common.

I just attended the graduation ceremony for my two five-year-old granddaughters. We saw picture after picture on the big screen of children sharing and having a great time. Children from all walks of life – from various communities – and from diverse races. Children don’t care about our differences as much as their parents do. Children just care if someone is nice and plays nice. I wish we adults could learn something from our children.

Most children learn early in life to share – especially if they have siblings. When they are very young – sharing is something they learn or should learn. It may not come naturally to us all – but thru time and training – most of us learn to share. We take turns in games – we learn to share our crayons and other materials. I know my daughters taught this to our grandchildren – even sharing with their cousins after they learned to share with their siblings. Now – they wouldn’t think of letting a classmate go without if they had something and could share. Continue reading

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